What makes Secured2 Quantum Resilient?

While most post-quantum solutions are trying to solve the data security problem through advanced mathematical key systems, the Secured2 solution takes a different approach. We are focused on protecting the ‘data’ itself at the file level and solving the problem of factorization. If you can factor an encryption key, you gain access to the data. No matter if it’s AES encryption or QKD. If you can factor the keys, you gain access to everything!

In a Secured2 world, if you break the key to the encryption layer, your data is still safe, secure, and protected. Secured2’s compressing, masking, randomizing, segmenting data at the binary level, and randomly sending data over the wire into physically separated self-defined storage. A bad actor can’t access your data because it simply cannot break all the layers of complexity. Also, we have tuned our algorithm so it’s fast, doesn’t require extra compute resources, and can scale. It’s on parody or faster than how most companies protect data today. This is because our unique compression scheme shrinks data, so there is less to secure, protect and send. Making the delivery of protected data much faster and a lot less to store, so your costs are reduced.

What makes Secured2 Quantum Safe?

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