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Customer Use Cases

See how our customers benefit from quantum safe and beyond encryption data protection.

Productivity: Keeping remote teams engaged, up to date and working seamlessly

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, today’s businesses need to connect, work remote and require security. The Secured2 solution takes a blended approach by marrying industry leading security, with collaboration and protecting the applications you use the most like Office365. The result, is the Secured2 advantage for business. See how customers use us.

The Midwest’s largest emotional health provider

Protect Patient Records

  • Use email security to communicate with patients and mental health caregivers
  • Protect files and data
  • Ensure data integrity
  • Collaborate & share

A national accounting firm

Today’s accountants have been looking for a better way to share, store and collaborate with customers. The Secured2 Toolkit has provided accounting firms more secure customer interactions and increased security of customer data. Making it a win / win for the customer and the accounting firm.

A Global Law Firm

Attorneys want secure communication and document management. It’s paramount for today’s digital law firm. The Secured2 Toolkit gives attorneys a robust suite of applications that makes secure emails possible along with secure transmission of legal documents.

A regional bank chain

Protecting customers information and automating loan processes is critical for a bank. The Secured2 solution has led to increased security, increased productivity and increased profitability.