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Secured2 quantum-safe advantage

The world’s first quantum-safe data security with Lloyd’s of London indemnification


Physical-Based, Data Security

Today’s encryption systems use ‘math’ to protect data and as we have learned math alone only provides complexity, but not security. Eventually, all math-based encryption systems can be breached, and history has shown this truth. Secured2 QuantaMorphic™ data security solves this problem by using a patented physical-based approach to protect data. We decentralize data at the individual file-level, randomize the binary using a patented masking/security process, and randomly distribute the binary segments into physically separated storage locations. The data is so scrambled even if attackers can sniff packets or break into endpoints, they still get nothing.

File Decentralization

Binary level protection

Secured2 QuantaMorphic™ security is a file-level decentralization technology. Our process scrambles the very binary state of data ensuring your information is protected beyond encryption and quantum safe. This process is fast, doesn’t require special hardware and provides an impenetrable line of defense against the quantum threat. Hackers can’t hack your data because they can’t read, decipher or find your data.

Dual Layer Protection

Multi-layer, end-to-end protection

QuantaMorphic™ security provides two layers of quantum-safe security. The first layer of protection is a multi-step algorithm that converts data into unreadable digital confetti. Once we process a file, the data is randomized, anonymized, segmented, making the data quantum-safe. Our process also adds either AES encryption or Crystals-Kybers post-quantum encryption to each individual segment of confetti for added complexity and to meet today’s standards like NIST, FISMA, HIPAA.

Data Transmission Security

Non-sequential packet delivery

Secured2 randomly sends segmented data across the internet using non-sequential packet delivery. This eliminates the threats posed by packet sniffing and data interception technologies. Also, for added complexity, our unique data transmission capability fits inside existing TCP-IP transmission systems and transport layer security (TLS) solutions.

At-Rest Protection

Randomized Binary Dispersion

All binary file segments are turned into digital confetti and each individual piece of confetti is stored randomly in physically separated customer-defined storage. We combine & coordinate all your storage location(s) from local, cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid into one easy-to-manage storage solution. We eliminate vendor lock-ins.

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