Allied Associates security assessment shows Secured2’s revolutionary approach to security couldn’t be breached. READ THE REPORT

Secured2 data security advantage

The world’s first quantum safe and beyond encryption security


We are security pioneers

Secured2 started with one goal in mind. Eliminate the hacking epidemic and develop the necessary technologies bring trust back to the cloud and the Internet. We have succeeded. Customers using Secured2 data protection get the first quantum resilient security in the market today and are protected against the emerging threats facing our global cloud platforms. As a *decentralized* security approach we protect data using our algorithm that shrinks, shreds, secures and restores your data on demand. Also, our solution protects your data during transit and as well as at-rest in the cloud. So not even the cloud providers can see what you are storing.

Data Protection

Industry leading data security

Secured2, believes in order to be secure you need to easily understand how the security technology works. While many companies hide behind the same ‘me too’ encryption systems they can’t explain and that don’t work. The approach Secured2 has protects your data, is easy to understand and has been vetted by top experts in the field.

Game Changing

Innovation at the core of all we do

Secured2 is constantly striving to develop new technologies that will prevent your data from being breached. With over 32 patents we continue to develop the next generation security the entire industry will use moving into the future. There is a reason we are attracting partnerships with Microsoft, Google, AWS and Foxconn. It’s because security matters and our solution leads the industry.


Standards exceeded

Through our partnerships with the top cloud providers in the world Secured2 has worked hard to ensure our customers exceed all known standards and compliances. In addition to strong contractual relationships with our cloud partners we are committed to providing industry leading levels of data ownership, data use, security accountability and transparency. Helping you meet your compliance goals and most importantly protect you and your customers valuable data.

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Security Validations

Tested, Validated, Approved

The Secured2 quantum safe security has been tested, vetted and backed by the top names in the security industry. From Allied Associates one of the leading authorities in data security testing, to the former head of FBI CyberCrime to the teams at our global partners like Foxconn. The report is in – Secured2 couldn’t be hacked.

Secured2 Quantum Threat Document

Learn more about the threat quantum computing threat and what it means to your business.

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Secured2 Data Security White Paper

Learn how Secured2 protects your data beyond encryption and quantum resilient. Giving you tomorrows technology, today!

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