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Secured2 quantum-secure advantage

The world’s first quantum-secure data protection with Lloyd’s of London indemnification


Physical-Based, Data Security

At Secured2, we understand the importance of safeguarding your sensitive data. That’s why we’ve developed QuantaMorphic™ data security, a revolutionary approach that goes beyond traditional encryption methods and ushers in a new paradigm of physical-based security.

While traditional encryption relies on complex mathematical algorithms, we know that these systems are being breached. That’s why we use a patented physical-based approach to protect your data and render it quantum-secure.

Our process involves decentralizing data at the file-level, randomizing the binary using a patented masking/security process, and distributing binary segments randomly to physically separated storage locations. The result? Your data is so scrambled that even if attackers attempt to intercept packets or access endpoints, they won’t be able to obtain any valuable information.

File Decentralization

Binary level protection

QuantaMorphic™ security scrambles data using a patented process at a binary, file-level, providing superior protection beyond encryption and quantum-secure. It’s fast, hardware-free, and impenetrable to hackers, ensuring data cannot be read or deciphered. It can also fit inside standards based encryption approaches.

Dual Layer Protection

Multi-layer, end-to-end protection

QuantaMorphic™ security provides multiple layers of quantum-secure data protection. The first layer of protection is a multi-step algorithm that converts data into unreadable digital confetti. Once we process a file, the data is randomized, anonymized, segmented, making the data quantum-secure. Our process also adds either AES encryption or any myriad of post-quantum encryption to each individual segment of confetti for added complexity and to meet today’s standards like NIST, FISMA, HIPAA.

Data Transmission Security

Non-sequential packet delivery

QuantaMorphic™ security utilizes a cutting-edge data transmission capability that sets a new standard in security. Our process randomly sends segmented data across the internet using non-sequential packet delivery, completely eliminating the threats posed by packet sniffing and data interception technologies. And for added complexity, our unique solution seamlessly integrates into existing TCP-IP transmission systems and transport layer security (TLS). Trust us to deliver unparalleled data security solutions that keep your information safe both at rest and in transit.

At-Rest Protection

Randomized Binary Dispersion

QuantaMorphic™  security delivers your data into a self-defined storage cluster of your choice. This enhances the security and accessibility of your data. At Secured2, we offer a powerful binary-level data shredding solution that allows you to cast your digital confetti segments (your data) across 3 to 1000’s of storage locations of your choice, so you can be confident that your data will remain safe and accessible, even if one storage location is compromised. Our easy-to-use storage solution provides added security without complexity, making it an ideal solution for businesses of any size. Trust us to help you enhance the security, quantum-secure your data and make it accessible anywhere in the world.

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