Secured2 uses several layers to protect data. Using a layered approach creates levels of complexity and levels of redundancy that will thwart any bad actor trying to gain access to protected data.

To understand how Secured2 specifically protects data, it is important to know how Secured2 protects customers data using our shrink > shred > secure > restore methodology.

The first step of our The first step of our algorithm ‘shrinks’ data by compressing the data data by compressing the data utilizing our proprietary compression method. This method can reduce the size of data by up to 80% for ASCII data and a lesser amount for already compressed data, like video files. Our compression solution works on all formats of known data and is the base layer of our algorithm. As part of ‘shrinking’ data, we also ‘convert’ data into a random format unreadable to a bad actor and acts as an additional layer of protection.

The second step in our algorithm is the ‘shred’ layer of protection. In this step, we take the compressed file and break it into small segments that are user defined in size. Typically, a standard implementation will have 5K segments of binary shredded, then put in a randomized sequence so there is no specific order of the segments. Each segment gets mapped, and that map is also shredded & seeded for extra protection. As a final step, we add a layer of AES encryption to each individual segment to ensure we meet today’s existing data security standards and add additional layers of complexity to our multi step algorithms design.

In the ‘secure’ stage, we take the highly scrambled and randomized 5k data segments and transmit them randomly across the wire using TLS. In this step data is converted, randomized, compressed, encrypted, and sent randomly over the wire. If a hacker intercepts a transmission, they get unusable data. We send the data randomly into a decentralized mesh of at least three physically separated storage containers that are user defined. Secured2 is storage agnostic on the backend of our solution and fits into any storage solution in the market today. All we need is a destination to deliver protected data segments.

In the last step, ‘restore’, customers can quickly and easily reconstitute the highly secure data by providing identity using a customer’s authentication. With a standard installation, we utilize industry leading authentication solutions such as Google Auth, Microsoft Auth, AWS Cognito. We can also support any authentication system a customer chooses for an additional integration fee.

Secured2’s multi step algorithm

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