As we developed our quantum safe security, we developed key requirements for our solution that include the following:

  • Must be quantum safe, API delivered, and embeddable
  • Must fit inside of today’s existing Internet and data security framework
  • Doesn’t require a restructuring of the Internet and years of validation
  • Protect data at rest and in transit
  • Doesn’t require special hardware or signal repeaters
  • Make it easy to deploy and integrate
  • Works with all major storage venders, collocation, and cloud providers

The solution that Secured2 developed to address all these factors and the need for an immediate quantum safe security is what we call MMDS. MMDS is a new way to protect data by running data through a multi-step algorithm that protects data beyond encryption and is quantum safe. The multi-step algorithm shrinks > shreds > secures data and allows instant restoration of shredded data segments once a user verifies his or her identity. Here is a more detailed look at MMDS:

Multi Morphic Data Security (MMDS)

As the market races to find new ways to augment or even replace current encryption systems due to the quantum threat, Secured2 has developed and presented the industry’s first vetted, tested and viable post quantum data security solution. Our industry-leading MMDS solution utilizes our patented technologies and concepts that include:

  • Data conversion – converting data into a random format that masks the data.
  • Binary data segmentation – breaking data into small segments each individually encrypted using AES 128 bit encryption.
  • Decentralized / Multi Mesh Storage – distributing data fragments into multiple cloud, hybrid, or local storage locations.
  • Non Sequential Packet Delivery – sending data packets randomly, with no sequential order, and eliminating the threats of packet sniffing or other means of data gathering.

These unique solutions when combined provide the unique and quantum safe features of multi morphic data security. Unlike traditional encryption that relies on ‘math’ to protect data, multi morphic security protects data through true randomization, binary data separation, non sequential delivery of data across the Internet. We only allow the data to be reassembled if the recipient or user can use physical verification or identification system like facial recognition, MFA, Biometrics, etc.

Secured2’s game changing approach to quantum safe security

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