Secured2’s proprietary key generation solution

For every Secured2 customer, all data stored at rest or sent over the wire runs through our security algorithm. As part of this process, we use encryption and other proprietary methods to protect data. Since we use encryption, we do hold two sets of encryption keys. One of the weak points in any security solution is the holding of keys. In most cloud implementations, the cloud providers hold the keys and can access any data stored in their cloud environments. Some cloud providers, like AWS, allow you to use your own key management solutions, but this function is generally limited to large IT organizations with the capability to manage keys. Usually, companies use a third party vender to manage keys or the cloud providers themselves.

Secured2, has developed a unique way to generate private keys which differs from every cloud data provider today. First, it’s based on a randomized seed and password associated to a dual private key. Second, each segment within a file gets a new seed and password. We do this because it adds extra layers of data protection. So, if you unencrypt one segment of the file, you cannot put together the whole file. This concept is to ensure we put in controls and methods in place that make it impossible for a bad actor to compromise any segment of data they intercept or steal.

Given our unique key structure, we make it impossible for bad actors to break our security. To breach our security with a typical email, a bad actor would have to find the physically separated storage containers where the segments live (3 or more to thousands). The bad actor would then have to decrypt each small 5k segment and know the precise order in which to restore the data segments. Then the bad actor would need to decompress and unmask the data that was trans mutated with our masking technology. The hacker would need to verify identity to reverse the process and would have to break the industries’ best identity management systems.

Secured2’s proprietary key generation system

Secured2’s proprietary key generation system

Secured2 Key Management

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