To implement an emerging data security technology, you must meet, then exceed the pre-existing standards that have taken years to create, proliferate, and mature. The emerging quantum cryptographic solutions do not fit these existing standards and require years of evaluation before becoming an industry standard. Secured2 is unique because we meet these standards and work inside these standards. Even as standards change at NIST, we can quickly adopt these new standards and have them available on day one.

The Secured2 quantum safe solution is a ‘data processing’ technology at the file level that transforms, randomizes, physically separates, and randomly disperses data into physically separated locations. By function, our security is secure but what’s different about our quantum safe security is our solution fits directly inside the existing security investments already in place. For instance, we can use transport layer security (TLS), leverage AES encryption for each data packet in our shredding process, and even leverage FDE encryption at rest. We also can incorporate any future standards into our solution quickly. By building our solution this way, we can enhance existing standards to make the solutions ‘quantum safe.’

The Secured2 solution can be implemented quickly via cloud services, an API, or direction integrations. The flexible nature of our security algorithm makes implementation easy, but we can embed it into cloud services or place our security at the disk level in a cloud stack. The flexibility around deployment makes it unique in the industry.

One future aspect we are looking to develop is to modify our security algorithm to fit into an ASIC chip, embedding our technology into the operating system. This will protect data from a CPU and move it directly into multiple partitions in a hard drive. No one is offering this product today, and with our development partner Foxconn, we can quickly build this solution.

Secured2’s quantum safe protection of data at rest

Secured2 protects all customer data stored at rest using our industry-leading quantum safe security. We can do this without action or intervention by Military Contractor X or your customers.

Secured2 can fit inside your existing security investments

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