The imminent threat of quantum computing is driving the need for immediate solutions that address the weaknesses found in today’s encrypted systems.

Minneapolis, MN, April 28, 2021- Secured2, the industry leader in quantum safe data security and hybrid work solutions today announced a technology partnership with Arnett Group™, a leading technology integration company. The partnership combines Secured2™’s market disruptive technology and its cyber indemnification warranty backed by Lloyd’s of London with the Arnett Group™’s IT expertise, service, support, and scale. This unique combination provides customers an end-to-end data security solution that can quickly scale in local, hybrid or cloud environments.

Partnership Highlights

  • Under terms of the agreement, Secured2™ Corporation has entered a reseller relationship with Arnett Group™. Arnett will be an authorized reseller for Secured2™’s quantum-safe hybrid Toolkit platform.
  • Secured2™ and Arnett will begin a joint effort to integrate the Secured2™ Toolkit platform into the Arnett Group™ with the Arnett Group™ providing the service and support elements to its customers. This ‘end-to-end’ solution will provide customers not only quantum-safe security, but improved workflow customers demand in today’s ever-changing hybrid work environment.
  • The partnership will help both Secured2™ & Arnett provide ‘quantum safe’ security solutions to a diverse set of clients around the world.

Supporting Quotes


“We are very excited to begin this partnership with the Arnett Group™. Arnett Group™ is an industry leader, and we both agree that there are large opportunities available to bring our solutions to market by protecting data against the ‘right now’ threat posed by the rise of hyperscale and quantum computing that can break encryption. I can think of no better partner to help us scale this important technology.”

Daren Klum, CEO – Secured2™ Corporation



Arnett Group™

“The partnership with Secured2™ is a logical fit in terms of product, capability and value to our customers. Security is our client’s hot button issue now and for the foreseeable future. The quantum-safe security from Secured2™ is a game changer that we can deploy quickly to solve the pressing need for quantum resiliency. We are looking forward to going to market with Secured2™ to bring the next generation of data security to market.”

-Scott Arnett, CEO – Arnett Group™


About Arnett Group™

We are a firm with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. Having worked with a variety of industries across the county, we strive to provide the best IT services and solutions available to help our customers achieve their strongest competitive edge. Our mission is to improve business IT quality through strategic business unification practices. Our customized approach for each client includes a comprehensive plan that seamlessly integrates our expertise with our client’s IT needs. Learn more at

**Arnett Group is a registered trademark of Arnett Services Group. 


About Secured2™

Secured2™, a Microsoft, AWS, and Google Partner, is a data security software company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Secured2™, is the pioneer of new data security technology that uses a ‘shrink > shred > secure> restore’ methodology, combined with compression technology that reduces the size of data by up to 80%. This proprietary solution is the first data security solution that moves beyond encryption and is quantum safe in the market today. Secured2™ is an industry leader in data security for customers requiring security for their most critical and important data assets. Learn more at https://Secured2™.com


Secured2 and Arnett Group Partner to Deploy Secured2 Quantum-Safe Hybrid Work Solutions

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