There is tremendous buzz around ChatGPT and the exciting combination of Wolfram/Alpha. The question of our time is how do you create an Ai you can trust and provide informational outputs you can trust?

Ultimately, any Ai system is only as good as the data it has to draw from. Meaning bad data creates bad results. The challenge for ChatGPT and other Ai systems is creating a source of truth. A trusted database or data lake that cannot be altered, is curated for accuracy, is 100% secure, and can’t have attackers inject fake data (Ai’s can’t distinguish between good or bad data). That’s a significant problem coming. Especially as we rely more and more on Ai systems and our current encryption systems cannot protect Ai data. Bad data = Bad results, and as Ai gets built into mission-critical applications, it can mean life or death.

Secured2 enables a source of truth with our industry-leading quantum-safe security, file-level data decentralization technology, and multi-cloud array. An Ai you can trust is one where the data is trustable, and that trustable data is protected. Again, bad data, bad Ai.

Protecting Ai systems like ChatGPT

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