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Secured2 Patents

We hold seminal patents for the future of security, compression and machine learning


At our core we are an innovation company

Secured2’s driving force is knowing the future of our industry can only come from new innovations, challenging industry norms and taking risks on the impossible. Secured2, has developed many industry firsts like the world’s first quantum-secure security, the first multi-dimensional storage technology and exciting new forms of data compression. We will never stop our pursuit of innovation, finding the next big thing and solving big problems for our customers. With over 20 patents granted, 12 pending we will continue to disrupt the security, productivity, communication, storage and cloud solutions marketplaces.


Data Security Innovations

At the core of everything we do at Secured2 is our commitment to providing unrivaled data security. Our patent portfolio includes patents surrounding distributed storage, the underpinning of blockchain and physical device security patents. With our growing catalog of patents our security and innovations will be at the heart of the future of our industry.


Storage Innovations

Secured2 has developed exciting technology that is the future of data storage in the cloud. Utilizing a new way to distribute data fragment across multiple physically separated storage environments. From multi-cloud, hybrid or physically separated locations in local storage. The exciting new shrink, shred, secure, restore technology is quickly disrupting the storage industry.


Data Compression Innovations

Secured2 has performed an incredible amount of research in the area of data compression. We are the inventors of Multi-Dimensional Run Line Encoding and Stenographic Compression. We are also working on some very promising video compression technology that promises industry leading compression rates.

Patent Strategy

Patent Areas

Secured2 continues to expand our patent portfolio in these areas:

  • AI / Machine Learning Security
  • Data Security
  • Endpoint Security
  • Device Security
  • Multi-Cloud Storage
  • Data Compression
  • IoT & Edge Computing
  • Cloud

We would enjoy speaking to you about licensing our technology. Contact us to learn more about our innovations.