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Secured2 has partnered with industry leaders

To reach our goal of protecting the world’s information we have partnered with industry leading companies that share a vision for a safe, secure and protected cloud universe.

Microsoft + Secured2

Secured2 and Microsoft have a long relationship and have been working together in collaboration for several years. With the goal of building our quantum safe security technology into the products you use from Microsoft each day. Our first product for Email has been an excellent example of our collaboration and working to solve customer problems.

Google + Secured2

Secured2 and Google have partnered to deliver our security advantage into its core suite of products like Gmail, Gsuite and as an API from the Google Cloud. As more people depend on Google, they will be depending on our security to protect them in the cloud.

Amazon + Secured2

Secured2 and AWS have partnered to deploy our suite of applications into the AWS Marketplace webstore. We will be providing AWS our quantum safe applications and helping AWS customers get protected beyond encryption & quantum safe.

Hon Hai | Foxconn + Secured2

Secured2 is working with the Foxconn Industrial Internet group to deploy our security into the Asian marketplace and as well embed our security into the world’s hardware ecosystem. Ensuring quantum safe security for everyone around the world.

Become a partner

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