Office 365

This tutorial will show you how to install and use the Secured2 addin for Office 365, & Office 2016 Desktop.

Step 1. Get the app by clicking the button below and simply turning it on. Otherwise you can access the app through the ‘ADDIN’ link in the options panel of Office 365 or Use keyword ‘SECURED2.’

Get the App

Step 2. Once installed a blue S2 icon will appear in the ribbon / addin area of your email client. This may differ from Office 365 or depending on your version. Click on the addin area and you will see it. Once installed to secure an email beyond encryption all you need to do is click the S2 button, then the lock and the email is secured. Then hit send!

Installing Secured2 Beyond Encryption Email Security

How to quickly send a secure email

How to unlock a secured email