Quantum-Secure & Beyond Encryption Email

Secured2 Toolkit™ includes ParticleMail™ for Office365 and Outlook. This new email protection solution processes your emails & attachments using a ‘shrink, shred, secure, restore’ methodology that protects your emails beyond encryption. Best of all, there is no attachment size limitations. So you can send emails with unlimited attachment size that would normally be limited by Office365 or Outlook email size restrictions.

Office365 & Outlook Integration

ParticleMail™, was developed to protect the world’s email systems by providing a new layer of defense against powerful quantum computers and super computers that can break today’s encrypted systems.

As the first quantum-secure email solution ParticleMail™ can quickly and easily protect any email in Office365 and Outlook. We are so confident in our security that we indemnify you against a data breach with our cyber warranty backed by Lloyd’s of London.

Ease of use

We designed ParticleMail to be easy to use. With our ‘click to secure’ solution you can choose what emails to secure, you can easily add attachments and protect them all.

Also, we make receiving protected emails easy to unlock. With just one click you can unlock any email sent to you or respond to any ‘secured’ email sent to you using our solution.

We have made securing email…..easy!

Email recipients don’t need to setup special accounts

ParticleMail™ doesn’t require your email recipients to open special accounts or create login credentials that are cumbersome or get forgotten.

With ParticleMail™ your email recipients get your email, click a button to unlock, get a code sent back in email and they can instantly unlock. It’s that simple.

Customized user experience

ParticleMail™ lets you create a custom email templates that reinforce your brand, help your email recipients know it’s you and gives them the comfort of knowing your business takes security seriously.