A better way to backup, protect and restore data

Secured2 Toolkit™ includes an enterprise data backup solution that lets you backup all your computers from easy to use, manage and control interface.

Enjoy automatic cloud backup for servers, backup for databases and remote access to computer files on any device PC, Mac, Android or IOS.

Lightening fast data backup

We built our data backup with speed in mind. Using our proprietary compression, segmenting the data and using multi-cloud we have been able to greatly speed up your storage into the cloud. In head to head speed tests we beat everyone in the industry.

Manage clusters of workstations, laptops and servers (live)

Protecting, capturing, and backing up data as you create it is the magic behind our data backup solution. Our ‘live’ backup solution ensures you never lose another piece of data ever again. Best of all – works on any device from laptops to email servers.

Version management that lets you bring back lost data

Managing your data is an impossible task. Our backup solution allows you to control versions, have total visibility and enable you to restore full images or individual files with one simple click.

Data backed up into a multi-cloud storage solution you define

With our data aggregation capability we are the only backup solution in the world that lets you backup your data into a multi-cloud mesh to not only protect your data but also gives you total flexibility on your storage pricing. You are no longer held hostage by one storage vendor…..you get to choose!

Simple, Affordable Pricing

No more pricing tiers, hidden fee’s and integration costs. We make backing up easy, affordable and under your total control.


We providing industry leading SLA’s and the operational transparency you need to minimize your risk.