Team sharing, collaboration and automation

Secured2 Toolkit™ includes Collaborate™ a communication platform that connects everyone in your company, including your customers. Even if they are working remotely.

Use features like Groups, Chat, Tasks, File Management and Document Automation.

Work with everyone, online and in lock-step

Collaborate gives your team the ability to work as a team, together.

  • Connects you to your teams
  • You can share documents & information
  • Manage calendars and meetings
  • Create tasks and manage work

Work smarter, not harder

Collaborate™ was developed to help teams interact better, share ideas faster and manage the tasks related to achieving your work goals. The result is a seamless, easy to use platform that makes it easy for everyone involved in a business to work closer and more interactive. Without putting a technology hurdle in front of the people doing the work.

Bring the cloud together

Collaborate allows you to bring all your cloud apps into one place. No more flipping back n’ forth between platforms. We aggregate the cloud so you can get what you want, from one place.

Automate tasks and document workflows

Automating tasks and document workflows saves you time, effort and energy. Collaborate makes it easy for you and your team to automate certain tasks so you can become more productive.

Productivity anywhere, on any device

Collaborate delivers content management solutions that connect, manage and protect your enterprises most important information. No matter where data lives.

Unlimited potential

Collaborate is a highly customizable and an easily integrated platform. Since you control the code of our application there is nothing you can’t modify, edit, integrate or delete.