Take our security & build it into your app

Secured2 Toolkit™ comes with a data security Application Programming Interface (API). This provides routines, protocols and tools for developers to connect their application to our groundbreaking quantum safe data security solution. Our Rest API is a fast way to add our security to your application and aggregate all your cloud, hybrid or local storage.

Next Generation Security API

Protecting your app data is paramount and with our next generation quantum safe Rest API we can protect the data coming off your applications beyond encryption. Ensuring the integrity of all data going into storage.

Easy to use SDK that accelerates app integration

The Secured2 Rest API provides developers with the ability to build a custom app with an easy to use set of instructions that makes our security integration a breeze for any skill level.

We process all data using a Shrink, Shred, Secure, Restore methodology

All data coming off your application is processed using our proprietary security. It compresses your data, shreds your data into small segments, randomizes the segments and then stores the segments randomly into multiple storage locations you define (cloud, hybrid or local).

The most secure way to archive your data with the cloud

We have all experienced the full hard drive on your laptop or smartphone. Unload your baggage, put it in the cloud and let DepositBox securely archive your data.

Reduce Storage Volumes

With the Secured2 Rest API you can reduce storage volumes using our proprietary compression techniques. Using lossless compression to achieve up to 80% storage reductions on most data types.

Indemnification, included!

The Secured2 Rest API comes with our cyber indemnification warranty that is backed by Lloyd’s of London and gives you the assurance not only is your data protected but so is your wallet.