Secured2 Toolkit™ is the new decentralization platform

Centralizing your data in one cloud provider puts you, your data and your business at risk. The Secured2 Toolkit™ gives you a suite of applications that live behind your firewall and leverage our patented decentralized data management solution that can leverage local, hybrid or multi-cloud storage options.

Secured2 Toolkit™ Features

Productivity apps, quantum-secure security and a storage agnostic approach

Flexible and Capable Apps

Secured2 Toolkit™ is a flexible suite of productivity apps that are easy to use and can scale on any back-end you choose. Local, hybrid our multi-cloud.

Enjoy, the world’s first quantum-secure email security in Outlook, a full collaboration tool for your teams, drag n’ drop cloud storage, full enterprise class backup and a quantum-secure API to protect app data.

Quantum-Secure & Beyond Encryption Email in Outlook

The Secured2 Toolkit™ provides the first email security solution for Office365 and Outlook desktop that is quantum-secure and beyond encryption.

We protect your emails and attachments using our patented shrink, shred, secure & restore methodology. In fact we are so sure your email won’t get hacked that we offer a cyber indemnification warranty that protects you with up to $1M in coverage. Included.

Your own digital safety deposit box

The Secured2 Toolkit™ offers the world’s first digital safety deposit box that lets you drag n’ drop your personal files from your desktop into your own storage array that you choose (multi-cloud, hybrid or local).

Best of all DepositBox can also be embedded into corporate internets and makes a perfect secure centralized storage drive for your business.

Team collaboration and sharing solution

The Secured2 Toolkit™ provides a robust collaboration and sharing suite so you can instantly and securely share your information across teams, assign tasks and even automate document work-flows. This robust app brings together all your cloud apps in one place and makes doing business easier, streamlined and most importantly collaborative.

Archive all your data with our multi-cloud backup tool

Included in the Secured2 Toolkit™ is a robust enterprise class data backup and restore tool. You can take entire images or individual files from your Windows or Mac based devices and archive & protect them in the multi-cloud storage array you choose. This easy to use solution is the fastest backup solution in the industry and the most secure.

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