Why Secured²?

We already have a substantial investment in data security – why do we need Secured²?

Through its unique, patented process, only Secured² fully protects your data from attackers and breaches. Your Data Is Safe. Period.

How is Secured² different from other solutions? Is it just another layer of encryption?

Secured² essentially changes the internal architecture of digital information. We shrink, shred & secure data, then disburse to defined locations. Data recovery is instantaneous and completely controlled by you.

How has Secured² been tested – and by who?

Secured² has been tested, vetted, and refined in both lab and real world environments. It is currently in operational assessment at several companies in the healthcare, financial services and contract manufacturing space.

How much does data shrink with Secured²?

The Secured² process reduces processed data volume by over 90%.

Hold on a minute! You’re saying my storage requirement for processed data is reduced by 90% compared to pre-processed data?

Yes. In some cases, data volume is reduced by 97%.

How do we know Secured² really works?

Secured² has been vetted in the most extreme real-world environments, from demanding commercial testing to university hacker labs. Secured² offers a “try before you buy” program customized to your data security needs.

How much does Secured² cost?

Secured² is available on a tiered use basis, and is competitive with industry pricing models. Secured² customers accrue direct cost savings from smaller data size & lesser storage requirements. Secured² is a fail-safe security at incomparable value.

How do we begin the process?

What equipment is needed?

Secured² provides everything in a pre-configured server. No programming, interfaces or custom patching required. Simple & easy.

How is service installed?

A highly trained Secured² team comes on-site, working with your IT team to install the server, sets up controls, and train your staff.

What if I need service?

Secured² has a full-time technical support staff as well as easy-to-use on-line user’s guides. Each customer has a dedicated Secured² two person account management team.

How do we determine what data to secure with Secured²?

Only your most critical data needs Secured². We use a powerful data risk assessment tool to help each customer prioritize the highest value data to protect.

Speed and Time:

How quickly can my data be restored to original format?

Restoring data run rates are the same speed as securing, in most cases instantaneous. Secured² is Fast.

Data Confidentiality & Third Party Access:

Who can access my data?

Data access is completed controlled by you & those you authorize as users. Only authorized users have access, or can use, your secured data.

What internal controls protect the data processed by Secured²?

Secured² utilizes a full suite of internal controls, including biometric authenticity, secret user IDs, dual authorizations, and other fail-safe controls. Secured² monitors, tracks & audits all authorized users independently as part of our services.

Pricing & Costs:

How much does it cost?

Secured² is priced on a tiered volume of data secured basis. Depending on the volume of data secured, higher level Secured² processing plans may be needed.

Are there any other costs related to using?

Pre-configured servers are leased by customers. Maintenance & upgrades are included in the Secured² pricing plans. Certain customizations may incur additional cost.

Is there a contract & how long?

A Secured² contract of 3 to 5 years is standard. If a customer needs to cancel service, no problem.

Training & Support:

What training is needed?

Secured² is easy to use, simple to understand & powerful in results. All staff training is included in the contract.

How about technical support after Secured² is installed?

Secured² has full technical and customer service support teams, plus extensive on-line support tools.

Who do we call with a functionality or complex technical issue?

Your dedicated Secured² 2-Person account management team will be your first call. If additional support is required, your account team is with you every step of the way with additional resources.

What do your customers say about Secured²?

Who are Secured² customers?

Secured² customers range from major medical centers to small manufacturing companies to universities. Our product can secure data in every industry across our country.

Why haven’t I heard about Secured²?

Secured² technology has been developed over several years and has been thoroughly tested prior to market. The founder and CEO is the force behind other successful companies and is widely recognized as an innovative leader in the tech industry. Secured² is a breakthrough technology now ready for market.

What is special about your management team & Board members?

The Secured² leadership team includes highly experienced, nationally recognized executives, board members & advisors. Bios are available on this website.