Email Security

Email security at its best goes beyond encryption and is quantum-secure. We offer our easy-to-use email security solution as a simple add-in in all versions of Microsoft email from Office 365, Outlook Desktop and Exchange as well as within We can even brand the template to your organization and indemnify your with our cyber warranty program backed by Lloyd's of London.

What’s Included?

  • Up to 10GB attachment size
  • Your company branded template
  • 12 month email archive
  • Beyond encryption security
  • GDPR | HIPAA | NIST Compliance
  • Online Support
  • Cyber warranty (additional fee)

Reclaim your email security and your peace of mind!

The challenges of email security has grown and will continue to get worse as new threats emerge. From ransomware, phishing, brute force hacking and the new threat of quantum computing / supercomputing today’s security solutions have major issues. With Secured2 you no longer have to worry about those threats because of our ground breaking security that no longer relies on ‘math – encryption’ to secure. We take your emails and shred n’ spread them to multiple storage locations so the hackers can’t hack your data, because they can’t find your data. Best of all – this security advantage is built right into Office 365.

Simple to Use

The Secured2 email security platform was created to make security easy for everyone. No hard to use key systems, special account setups or tokens. All the hard stuff is behind the scenes. To secure an email ‘beyond encryption’ is as easy as hitting the ‘secure email’ button in our addin.

Up to 10GB attachment sizes

Secured2 email security for Office 365 allows you to send files of any size – small to large multi-gig files. No longer are you constrained by the small file size of today’s email systems. Best of all, you can send these huge files through Office 365 email to any email platform of your choice. It’s as simple as launching our addin, composing an email, attaching a file through our Secured2 email tool and hitting send!

12 Month Email Archive

Secured² offers unlimited email / file archival for a year and is just $0.40 per gig, per month for additional storage. Making storing your email easy, affordable and secure.

Patented Email Security Technology

At the heart of Secured2 is our industry leading security that shrink, shreds and secures your emails & attachments. No longer do you need to worry about hackers looking at your email. You are in total control of the security and can have end-to-end secure communication with your email recipient.

What do we do?

Secured2 makes solutions that help your company become more secure, productive and connected to your partners, customers & employees like never before. With a whole suite of products from email security, cloud storage, collaboration and app security we have you covered. Most importantly, our solutions are storage agnostic so at any point you can move your storage to any other provider of your choice or even your own storage. We are 100% storage agnostic and our decentralized data protection using multi-cloud storage is built into every product we make.