This instruction will describe how to subscribe and configure Secured² Depositbox to use it with your Azure AD instance. After this your users, which configured in the Azure AD will be able to use the application!

Step 1. Go to Secured² Depositbox Subscription page and fill in the form to start free trial. We will prepare a new Secured² Depositbox instance for you and give you all required credentials and URLs.

Step 2. Open Azure Active Directory section of the Azure Portal. Click to Enterprise applications -> New application.

Step 3. Select All as a category, click to the Non-gallery application and type the name.

Step 4. After you successfully added new App, go to Azure Active Directory, select Enterprise applications -> All applications and click to the created app.

Step 5. Open Single sign-on section and choose SAML-based Sign-on mode. Put URLs which we provided after Step 1. Select user.mail as User Identifier. Create new certificate and make it active. Save the configuration.

Step 6. Copy THUMBPRINT of the created certificate from the previous step. Go to Configure App page and copy 3 URLs.

Step 7. Open Secured² Depositbox SAML Configuration page, which we provided after the Step 1. Paste SAML Entity ID from the Step 6 to the Entity ID field, SAML Single Sign-On Service URL to the SSO URL field, Sign-Out URL to the SLO URL field, THUMBPRINT to the Certificate Fingerprint field. Click save.

Step 8. You can now use your Azure accounts with the Secured² Depositbox application. Open the main page and try.