Data security products built beyond encryption.

At Secured2, we don't just stop at building quantum resilient data security products - we've been busy integrating our security into the apps you love with partners like Microsoft while developing our own applications to give you ultimate control of your data on any storage solution. We want our customers to know their data is secure beyond encryption and has proof data is secure. With Secured2, we can prove you are secure! This isn’t coming from the marketing department; this claim is from third party FBI, CIA, DOD trained experts. Secured2 compresses, converts, and secures your data and lets you instantly restore the digital confetti once you prove your identity.

Did You Know?

We offer a cyber warranty with ALL of our products, backed by Lloyd's of London, that provides you data security breach indemnification!

Email Security

The best way to secure email and attachments beyond encryption and quantum resilient. We offer our security in all versions of Microsoft email from Office 365, Outlook Desktop and Exchange. We even indemnify our users against a data breach with our new cyber warranty program backed by Lloyds of London.

Email Security for Outlook Office365

Secured2 email security for Office 365 Outlook protects emails & attachments beyond encryption through the Microsoft Store.

Email Security for

Secured2 email security for protects emails & attachments beyond encryption through the Microsoft Store.

Email Security for Microsoft Outlook

Secured2 email security as an add-in for Outlook Desktop is a fast way to protect any email and attachment beyond encryption.

Email Security for Microsoft Exchange

Secured2 for Exchange works through your DLP system and shrink, shreds and secures email to and from your recipient.

Secure Cloud Storage with Archiving

DepositBox is a cloud-based document storage repository that protects your data beyond encryption and is quantum resilient. Think of Depositbox like your own digital safety deposit box at a bank. That place only you control that has all your most sensitive and priceless information (wills, trusts, legal papers, family images, CAD files, large video files and important information you can’t have get in the wrong hands).

We protect you and your data through ground-breaking new data security.

Secured2 Depositbox is a secure data container you can embed into your app, database, storage, website or intranet. Depositbox can be deployed locally on your solution - or use our SaaS model delivered from any cloud provider you choose (Google, Microsoft, or Amazon).

Secure Online Collaboration for your teams and customers.

Secured2 Collaborate is a powerful tool that allows everyone in a company to securely share, automate work-flows, and manage documents across the organization. This is the hub of any business and exceeds HIPAA, FISMA and NIST regulated data controls. Best of all – your data is protected beyond encryption!

Secured2 Collaborate is a full document management and sharing tool for single users, full teams, and with your customers.

Speak with one of our representatives about how we can customize Collaborate to fit whatever use case you might have. This very flexible solution allows any company to change the look, feel and function.

Secured2 Security API for your app, program, database, or technology.

Secured2 API offers the ability to extend our ground breaking security into your application through a Universal API. Now all of your application data can be secured Beyond Encryption using our proprietary shrink, shred, secure and restore technology.

Extend Secured2 security into your application

Now you can build our data security into your application with a universal set of API instructions. Make your application secured ‘Beyond Encryption!’

Cyber Warranty for Data Security Indemnification

Not only is Secured2 leading the industry in data security innovation it’s also leading the market in minimizing risk for it’s customers. We now offer a cyber warranty that indemnifies you against a data breach for all our products.

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With Secured2 you no longer need to assume cyber liability or risk.

Indemnifying your company against data security breaches and privacy losses for your business.

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What do we do?

Secured2 creates data security solutions that help your company become more secure, productive and connected to your partners, customers & employees like never before. With a whole suite of products from email security, cloud storage, collaboration and app security we have you covered. Most importantly, our solutions are storage agnostic so at any point you can move your storage to any other provider of your choice or even your own storage. We are 100% storage agnostic and our decentralized data protection using multi-cloud storage is built into every product we make.