The industry's first Cyber Warranty for data security indemnification

Not only is Secured2 leading the industry in data security innovation it’s also leading the market in minimizing risk for it’s customers. We now offer a cyber warranty that indemnifies you against a data breach for all our products.

Data Security Breach Indemnification and Cyber Warranty Program

Indemnifying your company against data security breaches and privacy loss for your business.

With Secured2 you no longer need to assume cyber liability or risk.

When a data security breach happens in today’s security world the security product providers give you services on an as-is basis and with no warranties or indemnification. Meaning, if there is a data breach you, not the security vendor, are liable for the damages of the data breach. At Secured2 we are so confident about our unique security that we are the first company in the industry that will provide customers with indemnification should a breach occur, and our system fail to protect your data.

What does the cyber warranty program cover?

The cyber warranty provides a range of limits up to $5,000,000 in the event Secured2 security technology fails to safeguard your data and the data is exploited by a third-party to cause a material harm. As part of our warranty program you will be eligible for reimbursement of loss amounts incurred that directly result from a data breach up to the selected limited and as stated in our contract.

How can Secured2 offer this program when others can’t?

The Secured2 technology was vetted and tested by third parties, showcasing its superior beyond encryption capabilities. With this, Secured2 was able to offer its customers the peace of mind and comfort of a cyber warranty. The fact Secured2 can protect data through its patented, non-binary form of security provides a level of security assurance, enabling the offering of a unique warranty program for all products using Secured2 security. This unprecedented program is a game-changer for the cyber risk and cyber-security industry.

In the event of an incident what do I do?

Contact your Secured2 representative immediately and they will promptly obtain the details regarding your issue. You will need to provide details regarding how the issue occurred to the best of your knowledge. Once the alleged incident is confirmed by Secured2 and its appointed parties or its independent third-party firm, you shall be eligible for the payments in accordance with the coverage section of your contract. We have made the claims process simple, easy and without a ton of red tape.

What do we do?

Secured2 makes solutions that help your company become more secure, productive and connected to your partners, customers & employees like never before. With a whole suite of products from email security, cloud storage, collaboration and app security we have you covered. Most importantly, our solutions are storage agnostic so at any point you can move your storage to any other provider of your choice or even your own storage. We are 100% storage agnostic and our decentralized data protection using multi-cloud storage is built into every product we make.