How does our multi step algorithm work?

To better understand the flow of data through our algorithm, exhibit B is a graphic that illustrates from point of data origin to secure data in transit to self defined storage (cloud, multi cloud, local or hybrid). Starting on the left, data is created on a device (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile device), the data is […]

Secured2 Key Management

Secured2’s proprietary key generation solution For every Secured2 customer, all data stored at rest or sent over the wire runs through our security algorithm. As part of this process, we use encryption and other proprietary methods to protect data. Since we use encryption, we do hold two sets of encryption keys. One of the weak […]

Secured2’s multi step algorithm

Secured2 uses several layers to protect data. Using a layered approach creates levels of complexity and levels of redundancy that will thwart any bad actor trying to gain access to protected data. To understand how Secured2 specifically protects data, it is important to know how Secured2 protects customers data using our shrink > shred > […]

Secured2 can fit inside your existing security investments

To implement an emerging data security technology, you must meet, then exceed the pre-existing standards that have taken years to create, proliferate, and mature. The emerging quantum cryptographic solutions do not fit these existing standards and require years of evaluation before becoming an industry standard. Secured2 is unique because we meet these standards and work […]

Secured2’s game changing approach to quantum safe security

As we developed our quantum safe security, we developed key requirements for our solution that include the following: Must be quantum safe, API delivered, and embeddable Must fit inside of today’s existing Internet and data security framework Doesn’t require a restructuring of the Internet and years of validation Protect data at rest and in transit […]

Secured2’s Multi-Mesh vs. Composability, Converged, Hyper-converged and Cloud.

Today’s Information Technology (IT) is dramatically changing and frankly it’s very confusing. IT administrators must digest, disseminate, and anticipate the current state of IT and the next phases. IT staff are required to provide 100% service uptime, maintain minimized risk of breach, implement security, and provide all these services within budgetary constraints. IT has been […]

The changing face of digital identity.

The changing face of digital identity. When we talk about identity, it is a far more interesting topic than you might imagine. Largely because nature has perfected identity between humans, animals, insects, and even microbiological systems. It is fascinating to think that as earth has evolved ‘trust’ and ‘identity’ have become two common elements for […]

Secured2 and Arnett Group Partner to Deploy Secured2 Quantum-Safe Hybrid Work Solutions

The imminent threat of quantum computing is driving the need for immediate solutions that address the weaknesses found in today’s encrypted systems. Minneapolis, MN, April 28, 2021- Secured2, the industry leader in quantum safe data security and hybrid work solutions today announced a technology partnership with Arnett Group™, a leading technology integration company. The partnership […]