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Daren Klum & Mark Hansen

June 19th, 2013

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Two midwestern technologists, solving the data security problem.

The Secured2 story begins in 2013, where two friends Daren Klum and Mark Hansen decided to come together to solve the data security problem that has plagued the security industry for years.

Most technology success stories start with two founders building a business in Silicon Valley. Not Daren and Mark. They built Secured2 right in the middle of the United States in Minneapolis Minnesota. Daren and Mark first met on a web development project well before Secured2 would be formed. They both had a passion for big ideas, problem solving and taking on large projects that most would say were impossible to solve. Daren’s first company, LiquidCool, set out to solve the data center cooling problem. Daren not only solved this problem by using submersion cooling technology he co-developed, but he redefined the computing landscape by building the world’s first desktop supercomputer, the Reactor. At the same time, Mark was solving complex problems with his software development company, Topline Technologies. Mark’s most notable project was bringing all the Minnesota Judicial systems under one common software platform. His software is still in use today.

After leaving LiquidCool, Daren founded, CRAM Worldwide, a company focused on solving the data privacy and security issue for the entertainment industry. In 2013, Daren decided to pivot the company and reboot as a data security company and changed its name to Secured2 a short time later. The new goal of Secured2 was to find a solution to the vulnerabilities of encryption. Daren needed help given the enormity of the project, and he turned to Mark to help create a solution. Over the next three years, they developed the core technology to provide the next generation of data security by moving beyond encryption and creating a quantum resilient form of data security.

Mark and Daren worked nights and weekends developing the technology. Knowing that they were working against the conventional wisdom about encryption, Secured2 raised a small amount of capital from angel investors to keep the company moving forward. In 2016, Secured2 debuted its first product, Beyond Encryption an email security add-in for Office365 you can get in the Microsoft App Source Store.

As the company started to grow, Secured2 added Peter Birkeland, joining as CFO overseeing the daily operations of the business. Kevin Calgren joined later to lead the Marketing team. Both brought experience as entrepreneurs, building businesses and helped move Secured2 to the next level.

Going forward, Secured2 and its partners, Google, Microsoft, AWS, and Foxconn, will continue to push the envelope of what is possible to solve some of the most pressing challenges in technology. Look forward to breakthroughs related to quantum safe data security, next generation data compression, and business automation. We have a passion for technology, and we believe our technology will be critical to the future of a secure & automated hybrid workforce.

Secured2 did not want to be like every other security business. We built our business in the Midwest; we were the first to tell the market encryption was dead and Secured2 created its security advantage without the influence of existing industry norms that have failed the market. Secured2’s security and solutions are market changing. If you want to be part of this change as a partner, customer, or team member, reach out today.

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