Collaboration made easy & secure

S2 Collaborate is the perfect document management platform for any company where interacting with employees and customers is done online. Today’s file sharing and collaboration tools all share one common fundamental flaw – security. The new S2 Collaborate product provides a ground breaking new security solution that secures your data beyond encryption. It does this through a data processing technology that ‘shrinks – shreds – secures – restores’ your data on-demand once you ‘verify’ your identity through TASCET physical verification technology.

Document Management

Most Records Management solutions in the market today, are expensive, complex and designed to meet the needs of records managers and compliance officers. These solutions were unfortunately not designed for today’s fast paced workforce. They do not make it easy to share, collaborate and secure. They don’t allow seamless sharing and secure storage of documents. The new S2 Collaborate takes all the complexity out of document sharing & collaboration.

Reduce complexity

S2 Collaborate was designed to be simple to deploy. It removes all the hurdles associated with traditional file-sharing like poor security, access problems, speed problems, hard to understand processes and difficult to learn dashboards. Our approach reduces complexity and simplifies the entire process of online collaboration.

Information Governance

S2 Collaborate simplifies and strengthens compliance by automating the entire information lifecycle for documents—from initial capture through archive or final destruction. Additionally S2 Collaborate seamlessly integrates electronic record keeping into key business processes and applications. Compliance is effortless and efficient, not an extra step or afterthought as it is with complex, standalone systems that cost substantially more.

Mobile Content & Process Services

In a mobile first world S2 Collaborate was designed to empower your workforce and connect your customers. S2 Collaborate provides both native iOS and Android apps that help you create tasks, get notifications, and check statuses of open cases. As well, you can upload pictures, documents or any other mobile content.

Document Scanning & Capture

Most of today’s enterprise has unstructured data – forms, faxes, PDFs emails and more. S2 Collaborate lets you extract and act on all that valuable information, using it as input to business processes and document management. The result is you can replace inefficient paper-based operations with a highly automated flow of data and documents that improve employee productivity, service quality and regulatory compliance.


Thank you for your interest in Collaborate. To checkout our application prior to purchasing please visit our trial sandbox account below. Please note this is an open demo environment so all data and content can be viewed or deleted by other demo visitors.

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