Protecting Ai systems like ChatGPT

There is tremendous buzz around ChatGPT and the exciting combination of Wolfram/Alpha. The question of our time is how do you create an Ai you can trust and provide informational outputs you can trust? Ultimately, any Ai system is only as good as the data it has to draw from. Meaning bad data creates bad […]

Your email is not safe. Protect yourself right now.

If you are like me, I never blinked when sending an email. Yet, in today’s world, every piece of digital information you send can be hacked, monetized, or profiled. This is especially true if you use any of the many cloud-based email providers. Can we honestly say that email is secure? Can we really trust […]

Why most quantum encryption efforts are failing

As quantum computers move from the lab into operation, companies are rushing to develop post quantum encryption. You hear terms like quantum safe, quantum-proof, quantum safe, quantum encryption, and quantum cryptography used frequently. There are now many terms to describe similar approaches to protecting data and ensuring secure communications. So, how do you make sense […]

The evolution of our encrypted systems & the quantum threat

Traditional encryption has been described as taking data as input (called plaintext) and transforming the plaintext into an output (called ciphertext) which is now protected. This is done through an algorithm, such as the AES. AES encryption requires a ‘secret’ or ‘key’ to unlock or decrypt the ciphertext back into its plaintext format. This security […]

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Why Secured2 is better than sharding

As described, sharding is a database technology that separates a database into chunks placed in different nodes to ‘speed up’ the access of data queries in a database. If you break into one node or container you can rebuild the entire dataset. Sharding is not a data security technology, sharding does not break data apart […]

Isn’t Secured2 like Data Sharding?

Many IT professionals we have met have confused Secured2 with a technology called ‘data sharding’. Sharding has been available for years and was introduced in the 90’s to facilitate horizontal scaling of a database. It breaks data into two or more chunks called logical shards. These shards get distributed across separated database nodes called physical […]

What makes Secured2 Quantum Resilient?

What makes Secured2 Quantum Safe?

While most post-quantum solutions are trying to solve the data security problem through advanced mathematical key systems, the Secured2 solution takes a different approach. We are focused on protecting the ‘data’ itself at the file level and solving the problem of factorization. If you can factor an encryption key, you gain access to the data. […]