Protecting Ai systems like ChatGPT

There is tremendous buzz around ChatGPT and the exciting combination of Wolfram/Alpha. The question of our time is how do you create an Ai you can trust and provide informational outputs you can trust? Ultimately, any Ai system is only as good as the data it has to draw from. Meaning bad data creates bad […]

Your email is not safe. Protect yourself right now.

If you are like me, I never blinked when sending an email. Yet, in today’s world, every piece of digital information you send can be hacked, monetized, or profiled. This is especially true if you use any of the many cloud-based email providers. Can we honestly say that email is secure? Can we really trust […]

Secured2’s Multi-Mesh vs. Composability, Converged, Hyper-converged and Cloud.

Today’s Information Technology (IT) is dramatically changing and frankly it’s very confusing. IT administrators must digest, disseminate, and anticipate the current state of IT and the next phases. IT staff are required to provide 100% service uptime, maintain minimized risk of breach, implement security, and provide all these services within budgetary constraints. IT has been […]

The changing face of digital identity.

The changing face of digital identity. When we talk about identity, it is a far more interesting topic than you might imagine. Largely because nature has perfected identity between humans, animals, insects, and even microbiological systems. It is fascinating to think that as earth has evolved ‘trust’ and ‘identity’ have become two common elements for […]

Secured2 and Arnett Group Partner to Deploy Secured2 Quantum-Safe Hybrid Work Solutions

The imminent threat of quantum computing is driving the need for immediate solutions that address the weaknesses found in today’s encrypted systems. Minneapolis, MN, April 28, 2021- Secured2, the industry leader in quantum safe data security and hybrid work solutions today announced a technology partnership with Arnett Group™, a leading technology integration company. The partnership […]