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Atomic Data® and Secured2 Corporation today announced a partnership to deliver their combined offering of data center, content management, data security and cyber indemnification. This unique combination provides an end-to-end solution for customers who want to reduce risk, enhance security, lower costs and improve quality of service.

“We are delighted to partner with Minnesota’s top IT as a Service company Atomic Data. We both share similar values when it comes to supporting customers, protecting their valuable information and driving value. The combination of Atomic Data’s industry-leading data center facilities, the Atomic Cloud®, and 24×7 support with our unique security and content management solution makes this an ideal business partnership,” said Daren Klum, CEO of Secured2 Corporation.


Secured2 protects data ‘beyond encryption’ with a quantum resilient technology that processes customer data, so hackers cannot access the data. This patented process ‘shrinks, shreds, secures and restores’ customer information quickly and on-demand. Secured2 provides all the crucial components necessary to protect customers in today’s high-risk environment.

Cloud Platform

Atomic Data is a premier provider of hybrid cloud solutions for the enterprise, offering the flexibility of The Atomic Cloud® built on both VMware® and Azure® Stack platforms. Also, Atomic Data has wrapped industry-leading 24×7 support and monitoring around their highly resilient and available data center and cloud infrastructure. The result is a highly-secure platform that customers can trust to scale and grow to meet their ever-changing business demands.

Content Management

Secured2 provides several exciting products that provide secure data management. DepositBox™ is a digital safety deposit box for highly critical information, Collaborate™ is the most secure way to share, collaborate and store data with teams, Secured2 API™ is the best way to protect any data coming off applications and lastly, a suite of Secured2 Email Security™ products with Microsoft Office that protects emails and attachments. The Secured2 solution is the only product in the market that future-proofs against emerging threats posed by super computers, quantum computers and vulnerabilities in today’s encryption.


Cyber Indemnification

Secured2 provides Atomic Data with a new cyber warranty program that indemnifies customers against a data breach. The cyber warranty provides a range of limits up to $5,000,000 in the event Secured2 technology fails. As part of the warranty program, clients will be eligible for reimbursement of loss amounts incurred as a direct result of a data breach, up to the contractually agreed-upon limits.

“IT is built on partnerships. And with new vendors and technologies constantly emerging, we can’t just rest on the success of past relationships. When we look at adding new partnerships here at Atomic Data, it’s critical that we work with companies that bring value to our clients and make their lives better. We know Secured2 will give our clients a capability they can’t get anywhere else, and an affordable way to meet the security needs of an increasingly complex, expensive and ever-changing security market. Secured2 is the first solution we have seen that solves the problems of our clients in such an elegant way,” said Atomic Data CEO Jim Wolford.

About Secured2

Secured2 Corporation (, a Microsoft Partner, is a data security technology pioneer. Beyond Encryption, the company’s core product introduces a shrink-shred-secure-restore methodology, combined with new compression technology that reduces the size of data up to 80 percent. Secured2 drives innovation for organizations that require 100 percent security for critical data assets.

About Atomic Data®

Atomic Data ( is an on-demand, always-on, pay-as-you-go expert extension of the enterprise’s IT team and infrastructure, always acting in the client’s and the community’s best interest.

Atomic Data and Secured2 Partner to Deliver Data Security, Data Center Solutions and Cyber Indemnification

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