The answer to the
Quantum Threat

Secured2: Quantum-secure data security for your data and email,
backed by a cyber indemnification warranty.

Secured2’s Industry Leading Quantum-Secure Data Protection

Secured2 offers the world’s first vetted and commercially available quantum-secure data protection applications, and platform solutions. Our technology provides unparalleled protection against the quantum threat, ensuring your data remains secure.

How our patented security algorithm works

Our quantum-secure and beyond encryption security algorithm runs your data through a shrink, shred, secure & restore methodology. That protects your data against encryption factoring quantum computers & advanced super computers. All while sitting inside your existing security investments.

Security trusted by the industry

Secured2 beyond encryption & quantum-secure data security has been validated, approved and is trusted by industry experts.

Larry Orecklin
Chief Evangelist – Microsoft

Scott Larson
Former FBI Cybercrime Chief

Introducing Secured2 Toolkit™, the right apps for the job.

Secured2 Toolkit™ provides a flexible suite of hybrid work tools that are quantum-secure, easy to use & deployable anywhere.

Secured2 Toolkit™

Beyond Zero Trust

We protect remote workers
Introducing the new Secured2 Toolkit™ – the ultimate solution for those who demand complete control over the security of their work. Our toolkit goes beyond Zero Trust to offer indemnified data assurance, giving you the peace of mind that all users, whether inside your business or outside your network, are authenticated, authorized, and verified. With the Secured2 Toolkit™, you can be sure that your work is safe, secure, and 100% under your control.


Lloyd’s of London Cyber Warranty
Today’s hybrid workforce demands tools that are custom to their work-flows and require unprecedented online collaboration. Yet, collaboration comes with cyber risk. With Secured2, you are indemnified against a data breach with our optional Cyber Warranty Program.


Applications that are secure to the core.

All of the Secured2 Toolkit™ applications come preconfigured with the world’s first quantum secure data protection that processes, protects and decentralizes your data to protect your critical information.


Our cloud partners

The Secured2 Toolkit™ product suite gives you the flexibility to self-define your storage using our storage dashboard. Now you can shred n’ spread your data from local storage, hybrid storage to QuantaMesh™ with our partners Microsoft, Google, AWS & IONOS.

How Secured2 Toolkit™ improves business.

Mental Health Solutions
for Children

Secured2 Toolkit™ gives mental health patients better communication.

Global Law Firm
Vital Customer Data

How using Secured2 Toolkit™ makes securing data easier and faster.


Email Invoicing &
Batch Email Processing

Secured2 Toolkit™ makes it easy for anyone to send batch emails using databases.

Secure collaboration starts here.