Data security is broken.
We’ve fixed it!

Secured2 was founded to bring back data security and privacy to everyone around the world. Our mission means we will continue to advance our technology, constantly develop new technologies and grow our partnerships with Microsoft, Amazon and Google to make your use of the cloud even more secure. On top of that, we lead the industry by helping you indemnify yourself from a data breach. Choose Secured2 and you’ll be secure. Period.

Rival Government Investment in Quantum Computing (2018)
Cost of Average Data Breach to U.S. Company (2018)
Adults Affected by Data Breach (2018)

How Secured2 Works

Secured2 data security includes our patented SHRINK > SHRED > SECURE > RESTORE process that fits into most email platforms, applications, or SaaS data security needs.

Data Security Solutions

Secured2 provides customers and end-to-end security solution for email, document management, collaboration and protecting application data. All beyond encryption and quantum resilient.

Data Breach Indemnification

Secured2 offers an industry first cyber security warranty that indemnifies you against a data security breach. Secured2 Corporation is leading the industry in minimizing risk for it’s customers.

The FIRST Quantum Resilient Data Security

Secured2 is the first security that is quantum resilient and the first security that provides a cyber warranty to indemnify you against a data breach. Something no other security provider can or is providing.

They couldn't hack us!

Our data security is vetted by FBI, DoD & CIA trained experts

The Secured2 Patented Shrink > Shred > Secure data security process is a true game changer. Secured² totally secures your vital data from hackers, disasters and all breaches.

In vitro analysis of the encoded data set showed no revealing patterns or indications of information leakage. File number and size patterns provided plausible explanations regarding the source data and might also indicate the use of standard block encryption standards. Signal and statistical analysis confirmed a perfectly random pattern to the data and high degree of entropy that one would expect from randomization produced by encryption algorithms.” – Allied Associates International

Simply, your data is safe. Period.

Secured2's Secret Sauce

Our Patented Data Security Process that is Proven to Protect

Shrink >

Reduce data size by up to 80% through industry accepted compression techniques.

Shred >

Shred data into fragments and encrypt each fragment.

Secure >

Randomize the data segments and send them out non-sequentially.

Restore >

Restoring data is easy using the multi-factor, facial or biometrics authentication of your choice.

Products Built on Secured2 Technology

Our product portfolio of quantum resilient applications.

Secure email & attachments beyond encryption
A digital safety deposit box for priceless data
The best way to manage documents across teams
A seamless way to secure your application data

Data security backed by industry leaders!

Security threats are evolving and sadly the security industry is continuing to push encryption developed in the 70’s. Secured2 is a better way to protect data and the first solution to go beyond encryption to secure your information.

“Secured² + Microsoft is a huge win for the market.”

Larry Orecklin

Chief Evangelist – Microsoft

“Secured² is a fresh approach to data security.”

Scott Larson

Former FBI Cybercrime Chief

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Secured2 is the best way to protect your customer's data from the power of quantum computing. Join the growing list of resellers who trust Secured2 technology for their customers and a new revenue stream.

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What do we do?

Secured2 makes solutions that help your company become more secure, productive and connected to your partners, customers & employees like never before. With a whole suite of products from email security, cloud storage, collaboration and app security we have you covered. Most importantly, our solutions are storage agnostic so at any point you can move your storage to any other provider of your choice or even your own storage. We are 100% storage agnostic and our decentralized data protection using multi-cloud storage is built into every product we make.