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We convert your data to an S2-patented secure state – shrinking your data beyond encryption while the additional 80% compression gives your data a smaller footprint.


Secondly, we use our proprietary data security process that generates smaller, randomized segments which are proven completely impossible to read, hack, or sniff.


Then, we securely disperse your shredded data to your chosen storage solution. The Secured2 data security process is server agnostic and allows you the customization of a least three, but up to hundreds of public cloud, private cloud, or bare metal servers data hosting solutions.


Lastly, restoring your data is easy. Simply authenticate using your choice of retinal, facial, or multi-factor authentication. Your data arrives securely and in its original state.

SECURED² data can't be hacked, read the report!

Data Security Process by Secured2 is Vetted by FBI & CIA trained experts

The Secured2 Patented Shrink > Shred > Secure data security process is a true game changer. Secured² totally secures your vital data from hackers, disasters and all breaches.

In vitro analysis of the encoded data set showed no revealing patterns or indications of information leakage. File number and size patterns provided plausible explanations regarding the source data and might also indicate the use of standard block encryption standards. Signal and statistical analysis confirmed a perfectly random pattern to the data and high degree of entropy that one would expect from randomization produced by encryption algorithms.” – Allied Associates International

Simply, your data is safe.  Period.