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Secure email beyond encryption.

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Beyond Encryption security now in Office 365

Introducing ‘Secured² Beyond Encryption’ email security. The first solution that makes security easy and seamless in Outlook, and Office 365.


Secured² is game changing technology

Secured² is rigorously tested, vetted, and 3rd party validated by FBI-trained teams. The Secured² patented Shrink > Shred > Secure data security process defeats hackers & shrinks data by 80%.

Secured² is multi-point data dispersion

Secured² directs processed data to multiple locations – from 3 to hundreds. You choose and control all data storage locations to either in-house or to remote servers. Secured² data security technology is 100% storage agnostic.

Anonymize your data!

It’s no longer a question of if you will be hacked – but when. Encryption is quickly becoming obsolete due to advances in computing. The problem is encryption is just math – and math isn’t a technology.

Enter Secured² patented data security technology – your revolutionary new solution that promises unhackable data security.

Protect your CEO and your company. Go beyond encryption and Shrink > Shred > Secure your corporate data and email today.

"Secured² + Microsoft is a huge win for the market."

Larry Orecklin

Chief Evangelist – Microsoft

"Secured² is a fresh approach to data security."

Scott Larson

Former Cybercrime Chief – FBI

CEO – Larson Security